Body as Evolution

How can we think of our body as a process? Perhaps in motion like a river or like a path we follow.

How can we consider our bodies as evolving rather than just a shell with a lot of moving parts?

Now especially, we want to be healthy and feel healthy in our bodies and we want to feel healthy in our minds and our spirits. Sometimes we compartmentalize ourselves, but we are whole beings. We need our bodies to feel good just as we need our minds to feel good and our spirits. Come down this path.

Sitting comfortably, take a couple of moments to close your eyes and notice your body. Breathe in and out deeply while you notice each part of your body and thank it. Notice and thank the top of your head, notice and thank your neck, your jaw, your shoulders, your upper back, your lower back, your arms, your hands. Notice and thank your waist, your belly, your hips, your genitalia, your thighs, your calves, your ankles, your feet, your toes.

Thank your body for being present, for being whole, for being an evolving part of you.

Now I invite you to write. 

1. First write about how it was to notice each body part and to thank it. Was that a strange thing to do? Did you want it to hurry up or did you want to name even more body parts? Do you think you would do this again? Maybe even regularly, sitting with your breath and body, noticing it and thanking it. 

You are a part of the moving process that is your body, of its evolution.

2. Next, I invite you to write using three or more of those body parts you thanked and write fourteen lines to joy. Think of your body in motion. Begin however you want or begin with this line: Today, I notice it as…

Read what you wrote aloud to yourself, share with a friend or loved one, share with your body. Thank yourself for writing today.

I thank you for writing today.

If you would like to write with us every Tuesday, please follow the blog and you will get an email every Tuesday. 

Be safe. Be well.






Published by lizawolfffrancis

Liza Wolff-Francis is a poet and writer with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Goddard College who is proud to have served two terms as a member of the Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program’s Selection Committee. She was co-director for the 2014 Austin International Poetry Festival and a member of the 2008 Albuquerque Poetry Slam Team. She has an ekphrastic poem posted in Austin’s Blanton Art Museum by El Anatsui’s sculpture “Seepage” and her work has most recently appeared in Steam Ticket, eMerge, Minute Magazine, Weaving the Terrain: 100 Word Southwestern Poems, Bearing the Mask: Southwestern Persona Poems, Poetic Routes, Poetry Pacific, Edge, and on various blogs. She has a chapbook out called Language of Crossing (2015, Swimming with Elephant Publications), which is a collection of poems about the Mexico- U.S. border. She loves breakfast food, popcorn and dark chocolate.

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