No one is outside of love

No one is outside of love. What does that mean? It means no one is too gone, too mean, too sad, too angry, too bad, too unloveable to not be loved. If we ever wonder if we are good enough, if we ever consider we are not, perhaps we have strayed from our true self and we must bring ourselves back into love.

Unfortunately, our society does a great job at putting us down as well. Think of the messages we get, even if they aren’t that severe. Do you have a new idea? No ideas are new. Do you think you look good? You’re being vain. Do you set a boundary? You’re selfish. Do you stand up for yourself? You’re aggressive.

There are Oh so many ways we are told we are not worthy or good enough. This is self esteem I’m talking about. It’s tied up in our daily speak, but it’s also on an institutional level, connected with class, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education level, first language. Any of the overt or more subtle messages we get that whoever we are is not good enough, knocks us down a notch. That affects our self-esteem. There are so many messages we are given that push us from the strongest and best we can be— what would essentially be our true self.

So if we stray from our true self or if we’ve been pushed away from it entirely, how do we make our way back? Self-acceptance. Self-love. Self-esteem.

Everyone needs a self esteem boost every so often, if not regularly. To feel good in ourselves, to love ourselves- every bit of us.

First, we must love ourselves just as we are and from there, if we want to change, we can, but first is to find self-love. Again, no one is outside love.

So, let’s do a couple of things today. First, center yourself by looking around you. Find three colors or three things of one color in the area where you are. Take two deep breaths. Feel your feet on the floor. If they are in shoes, feel your toes inside the shoes.

I invite you to imagine yourself as the strongest person you can be. Imagine yourself with lots of confidence, high self-esteem, just feeling great about yourself. What does that feel like? What does it look like to you?

We have to be able to imagine things before they can become real, but even more than that, or at least just as much, we have to be able to recognize the feeling that we will have when we have that strong empowered high esteem self that feels great!

Now that you have imagined it, write it down:

  1. What you look like as a person with high self-esteem. What colors go with that for you? What scent? What sounds?
  2. How does it feel to have that high self esteem? To feel strong in yourself. What does it feel like? What amazing things do you feel capable of? What amazing things can you do? Write this as if you already feel this way.

If you need additional ideas, to help yourself out, make a list of things you like about yourself, add in things you like to do and things that make you feel good.

Type up what you have written about how you feel if you can and read it back to yourself. Reading things in a different writing (not our own handwriting) can make us believe it is more official, more real. Make sure what you write is in the present. For example: I feel like I can speak in front of others without hesitating or feeling embarrassed.

Allow your true self, your strongest self, to claim these feelings. Allow your true self to come through to feel good just as you are. To feel loved. To be loved.

Thank you for writing with us today. If you would like to write with us every week, please follow the blog.

Take care! Strive for high self-esteem, for self-love. No one is outside of love.



Published by lizawolfffrancis

Liza Wolff-Francis is a poet and writer with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Goddard College who is proud to have served two terms as a member of the Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program’s Selection Committee. She was co-director for the 2014 Austin International Poetry Festival and a member of the 2008 Albuquerque Poetry Slam Team. She has an ekphrastic poem posted in Austin’s Blanton Art Museum by El Anatsui’s sculpture “Seepage” and her work has most recently appeared in Steam Ticket, eMerge, Minute Magazine, Weaving the Terrain: 100 Word Southwestern Poems, Bearing the Mask: Southwestern Persona Poems, Poetic Routes, Poetry Pacific, Edge, and on various blogs. She has a chapbook out called Language of Crossing (2015, Swimming with Elephant Publications), which is a collection of poems about the Mexico- U.S. border. She loves breakfast food, popcorn and dark chocolate.

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