What is this blog about?
This blog is to help you strengthen and maintain your mental health by writing. It is not a substitute for therapy, but can be a way to encourage your creative side to shine in order to promote healing and bolstering of the inner self.
Writing about what we know, who we are, who we want to be, what has happened to us, where we have been, what strength we want inside, our goals, and our dreams, can help us move through the world in an easier way. It can help us be stronger and ensure we are on the path we want to be on. 
Writing about ourselves can take away shame, low self-esteem, and self-doubt. It can put our strengths front and center and help them glow, not only to the world, but to ourselves. Writing also allows us to slow down our thoughts long enough to capture our ideas, dreams, goals, and to go a little deeper with them and to make them more real.
Many of us have been through difficult things in life, trauma, abuse, neglect, accidents, difficult relationships, difficult family dynamics, loss, loneliness, rejections, illnesses, depression, anger, sadness, etc. Unfortunately, these are not uncommon. Writing can be something that helps us understand who we are in the world, what we have been through, how we navigate all the obstacles we have in front of us, what we want, and how to move through life. It can make us stronger and help unleash our creative side which can “un-stuck” us. 
I invite you to follow my blog, to write, to not be afraid to write, and to enjoy the time getting to know your amazing self through writing. 

What I hope for with this blog:

I hope that “Write Your Butterfly” allows you to write the amazing pieces of you and also maybe, (if you choose), some of the harder parts of your life. To write yourself, don’t necessarily begin at the beginning of you, begin with the things that are positive, that make you feel good about yourself, that will hold you if there are harder parts.

Writing can help build our confidence, it can help us feel stronger in who we are, it can help us take a different path, it can help us focus in on what we want, it can help us say to ourselves exactly what we want to say, and it can help us move forward to not only find the amazing butterfly inside of us, but to write its beauty to birth it and bloom it.

I hope that this blog will encourage a regular writing practice that will help you feel grounded and stronger in your sense of self so you can be the best you. How do you birth and bloom a butterfly? You write what you know, what comes from your inner creative self.
How it works:

Each Tuesday, I will make a post under the header “Writings” for you to read. Each post will have a prompt/exercise or two (or three) for you to work on during the week.

These posts build on each other. You can step in at any time, but I encourage you to begin with my first post, then continue with the second. You can do this week by week or you might be able to work through 2 posts in one week and work your way through the exercises faster. How fast you go through the posts depends on your pace and that is up to you, though the posts are made in an order to build on each other so we are as strong as we can be to write what we need to write.
IMPORTANT NOTE: While writing, if you go into a space inside of you that needs more exploring with the help of someone else, I encourage you to look for further help, through a therapist, a hotline, or at the very least with a trusted friend. Some things we cannot and should not go through alone.

In order to protect readers, this blog does not allow for interaction or comments, which is often much needed when we deal with hard issues. A blog is not a substitute for therapy. Please look for further help if you need it, you deserve that help.
3 Points of Encouragement

  1. You know you best. You know what you need to write. Trust yourself to write, trust your creativity, enjoy your creative genius.
  2. You set the terms for what you write, when, and how. If you want to stop you can. If you want to write it different than you know how it was, you can. The pen you hold will write if you want it to and it will stop if you want it to. You control your writing.
  3. All people are creative. If you allow your creativity to be present, if you celebrate it, it will flow in the most wonderful ways. And when it does, your ideas will fly like butterflies and you must catch them, bloom them, write them.

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