Body as Evolution

How can we think of our body as a process? Perhaps in motion like a river or like a path we follow. How can we consider our bodies as evolving rather than just a shell with a lot of moving parts? Now especially, we want to be healthy and feel healthy in our bodies andContinue reading “Body as Evolution”


  What does it mean to surrender to the feelings we have, the sadness, the joy, the uncertainty, the anxiety, the pain, the love, the overwhelm, the calm? Does it mean to give up? To stop trying? No. It means to stop fighting it and to go with the flow. Be in the flow ofContinue reading “Surrender”

The Pandemic body

There is an uneasy feeling in the air right now. Things are starting to open up and even if they haven’t opened up, people are going out into the world, some of them wearing masks, some of them not, some of them practicing distancing, some of them not. This sense of uneasiness is felt byContinue reading “The Pandemic body”

Greeting your Body

We’ve never been through a pandemic and all of us are in it together, though we know we are not all in the same situations. One person may have lost their job and be worried about paying their rent or having enough to eat. Another person might not be going through that, but may beContinue reading “Greeting your Body”