In times like this, it’s easy for us to want to ride off on a train somewhere, to escape. That’s normal. Who wants to be living this reality? There are some perks, but overall, probably no one. The pandemic limits our ability to see loved ones, to go do fun things, and to hang outContinue reading “Escape”

Part of the social contract is holding hope

For most people right now, emotions are all over the place. Mine included. Keeping regulated and calm is key— and how do we do that? Through routine, schedules, self-care, self-love, holding our emotions and self as important and holding other people’s emotions and selves as important. AND… HOLDING HOPE! Right now, there are a lotContinue reading “Part of the social contract is holding hope”

Finding meaning… or not

Right now is a good time to reflect on our lives, on the world we have created, and on what we want for our “now” and for our future, but sometimes that feels like too much. It may be that you don’t want to sit and contemplate what the meaning of all this is orContinue reading “Finding meaning… or not”

Strengthen Your Identity During Lockdown

Here we are, still doing this pandemic, so… I want to talk about identity because it can make us stronger in times like these. What do your recognize of your identity that makes you strong? Let’s go back to the core of you. Your most amazing wonderful self. Let’s go there and celebrate it. TheContinue reading “Strengthen Your Identity During Lockdown”

Greeting your Body

We’ve never been through a pandemic and all of us are in it together, though we know we are not all in the same situations. One person may have lost their job and be worried about paying their rent or having enough to eat. Another person might not be going through that, but may beContinue reading “Greeting your Body”

Write the world anew

Hello everyone! Thank you for being here with us to write today. Hopefully staying physically and emotionally well in this difficult time. In the midst of the pandemic, we must not lose our sense of imagination. Even if we are struggling with fear of getting the virus and dying, even if we are faced withContinue reading “Write the world anew”

Writing through Shelter-in- place

We’re not all in Shelter-in-place right now, but we are in a social distancing world, a world that has asked us to be separate and still. For some of us, that is maddening. For some of us, our self care comes from doing and being out in the world with others. So, what now? TheContinue reading “Writing through Shelter-in- place”