Renewal Through Nature

Happy October! It is good to be back to the blog. To those who have reached out asking if I was going to continue writing this, thank you. I needed a break. Sometimes we need to unplug and get outside and just write in our journals, which I did a lot this summer. We areContinue reading “Renewal Through Nature”

Loving Yourself

Most everyone has problems loving themselves some days. Learning to love ourselves can make life much easier and better. Problems arise and life happens, but if we love ourselves, the more difficult moments are easier to deal with. Loving yourself affects your emotional wellbeing, your mental health, your physical health, general everyday functioning, as wellContinue reading “Loving Yourself”


Today, I invite you to write a poem about justice. We all have an idea of what justice looks like and understanding our thoughts and feelings about it can be helpful to our mental emotional health because it is a large theme we encounter on a personal and also a societal level. What you writeContinue reading “Justice”

Write an Emotion Poem

Sometimes we need to vent, to just get things off of our chest and we don’t necessarily want to talk with someone or maybe we’re already all talked out, but we still need to work on dealing with feelings we have. One great way to do that is through writing, which is what this wholeContinue reading “Write an Emotion Poem”

Last stretch of the marathon

The end is in sight, but we’re not there yet. More and more people are getting vaccinated. Things are starting to open up. We are SO close, but let’s not give up or get too careless. This is a marathon and we are still running it. I think we hit our wall a ways back,Continue reading “Last stretch of the marathon”

One year ago

It’s so hard to believe we have been at this pandemic for a whole year. One whole year of a strange unsureness, of being in our homes more, of not seeing people without masks, of separate togetherness times on Zoom. It could seem strange to say good job for living through a difficult time whenContinue reading “One year ago”

Happy International Women’s Day

Today the world celebrates women- all people who identify as women. I invite you to celebrate too. I invite you to celebrate all that women do- whether you identify as a woman or not. All that women make happen. All of who women are. The choices we want to make. How we live our lives.Continue reading “Happy International Women’s Day”

ABCs of Compassion

Feeling compassion for yourself is so important- for all of us. It is key in feeling we accept ourselves in who we are- geysers and all. If there is a part we do not like about ourselves or if we do something that makes us feel shame, instead of beating ourselves up for whatever itContinue reading “ABCs of Compassion”

The present is a present

The present is a gift. Our minds easily can take us to so many places whether positive or negative. And usually those places are in the past or in the future. So, we must make an effort to stay in the present. You might say that this is hard to do when the present isn’tContinue reading “The present is a present”

No one is outside of love

No one is outside of love. What does that mean? It means no one is too gone, too mean, too sad, too angry, too bad, too unloveable to not be loved. If we ever wonder if we are good enough, if we ever consider we are not, perhaps we have strayed from our true selfContinue reading “No one is outside of love”