A brief note on Writing Yourself Happier

I’m just going to write a quick note today, but feel it’s an important one- especially nowadays when the pandemic seems to go on and on- and we can always use a little happiness. Basically, I’m asking you to use your creativity- to know it is there in you- because we are all creative beings-Continue reading “A brief note on Writing Yourself Happier”

Body as Evolution

How can we think of our body as a process? Perhaps in motion like a river or like a path we follow. How can we consider our bodies as evolving rather than just a shell with a lot of moving parts? Now especially, we want to be healthy and feel healthy in our bodies andContinue reading “Body as Evolution”


  What does it mean to surrender to the feelings we have, the sadness, the joy, the uncertainty, the anxiety, the pain, the love, the overwhelm, the calm? Does it mean to give up? To stop trying? No. It means to stop fighting it and to go with the flow. Be in the flow ofContinue reading “Surrender”

Some days we are more raw

Some days we are more open than others, more raw. Whether that’s due to the moon or the universe, the evening news, anniversaries of events, the weather, our own cycles in this world, the ongoing pandemic, who knows? But we can claim these raw moments and love them even if they are hard. I wantContinue reading “Some days we are more raw”

Finding meaning… or not

Right now is a good time to reflect on our lives, on the world we have created, and on what we want for our “now” and for our future, but sometimes that feels like too much. It may be that you don’t want to sit and contemplate what the meaning of all this is orContinue reading “Finding meaning… or not”

Greeting your Body

We’ve never been through a pandemic and all of us are in it together, though we know we are not all in the same situations. One person may have lost their job and be worried about paying their rent or having enough to eat. Another person might not be going through that, but may beContinue reading “Greeting your Body”

2. Self-care Guru Ground

If you are wondering about the title of this post, hopefully you won’t be surprised when I say your very own self-care guru is you. You know yourself better than anyone and you know what you will and won’t do to take care of yourself. Writing things down, using pen and paper allows us toContinue reading “2. Self-care Guru Ground”