Today, I invite you to write a poem about justice. We all have an idea of what justice looks like and understanding our thoughts and feelings about it can be helpful to our mental emotional health because it is a large theme we encounter on a personal and also a societal level. What you writeContinue reading “Justice”

Watching miles…

Tha pandemic is still going, though we see a glimmer of hope in the future. The U.S. government political situation is unstable at best. The new year has come and now we are in 2021, but there are miles to go yet. Even if we see the finish line, this is a marathon and thereContinue reading “Watching miles…”

Writing Metta Meditations

I learned a new term this past week that I hadn’t heard of and after looking into it a bit, I think it’s great, so I’m bringing it into today’s blog post. It’s called Metta Practice or Metta Mediation and is also known as loving-kindness meditation. Metta means “positive energy and kindness towards others” inContinue reading “Writing Metta Meditations”

A brief note on Writing Yourself Happier

I’m just going to write a quick note today, but feel it’s an important one- especially nowadays when the pandemic seems to go on and on- and we can always use a little happiness. Basically, I’m asking you to use your creativity- to know it is there in you- because we are all creative beings-Continue reading “A brief note on Writing Yourself Happier”