One year ago

It’s so hard to believe we have been at this pandemic for a whole year. One whole year of a strange unsureness, of being in our homes more, of not seeing people without masks, of separate togetherness times on Zoom. It could seem strange to say good job for living through a difficult time whenContinue reading “One year ago”

No one is outside of love

No one is outside of love. What does that mean? It means no one is too gone, too mean, too sad, too angry, too bad, too unloveable to not be loved. If we ever wonder if we are good enough, if we ever consider we are not, perhaps we have strayed from our true selfContinue reading “No one is outside of love”

When your inner voice is mean to you

What do we do if our inner voice is mean to us? What do we do when our own self is being mean to us? We need to change that up- and quick! We all have an inner voice. It hangs out with us to varying degrees throughout our lives. This voice is directly tiedContinue reading “When your inner voice is mean to you”