Conflict Drama

Pent up for months in our homes, muffled behind masks in public, hiding from everyone we don’t live with, we’re bound to have some anger in there somewhere. Right? And who do we take it out on? If we live with people, probably them. If we live alone, maybe someone else we are in contactContinue reading “Conflict Drama”


In times like this, it’s easy for us to want to ride off on a train somewhere, to escape. That’s normal. Who wants to be living this reality? There are some perks, but overall, probably no one. The pandemic limits our ability to see loved ones, to go do fun things, and to hang outContinue reading “Escape”

Greeting your Body

We’ve never been through a pandemic and all of us are in it together, though we know we are not all in the same situations. One person may have lost their job and be worried about paying their rent or having enough to eat. Another person might not be going through that, but may beContinue reading “Greeting your Body”

4. Improving your self-talk

Self acceptance is a habit that is greatly linked to life satisfaction. Sometimes, to get to that self acceptance, we have to practice positive self-talk. This can be in the form of you repeating to yourself that you are strong, confident, smart, interesting, etc. Example: “I am smart. I can do it.” Or- this canContinue reading “4. Improving your self-talk”

2. Self-care Guru Ground

If you are wondering about the title of this post, hopefully you won’t be surprised when I say your very own self-care guru is you. You know yourself better than anyone and you know what you will and won’t do to take care of yourself. Writing things down, using pen and paper allows us toContinue reading “2. Self-care Guru Ground”