Renewal Through Nature

Happy October! It is good to be back to the blog. To those who have reached out asking if I was going to continue writing this, thank you. I needed a break. Sometimes we need to unplug and get outside and just write in our journals, which I did a lot this summer. We areContinue reading “Renewal Through Nature”

Loving Yourself

Most everyone has problems loving themselves some days. Learning to love ourselves can make life much easier and better. Problems arise and life happens, but if we love ourselves, the more difficult moments are easier to deal with. Loving yourself affects your emotional wellbeing, your mental health, your physical health, general everyday functioning, as wellContinue reading “Loving Yourself”


Today, I invite you to write a poem about justice. We all have an idea of what justice looks like and understanding our thoughts and feelings about it can be helpful to our mental emotional health because it is a large theme we encounter on a personal and also a societal level. What you writeContinue reading “Justice”

All the geese we’ve seen

I have been reflecting on the amazingness of geese. Down by the river, I see them flying above me in their V shape. I looked them up and learned a few new facts about them as well. They honk at each other to make sure everyone’s okay and to notify each other when they needContinue reading “All the geese we’ve seen”

No one is outside of love

No one is outside of love. What does that mean? It means no one is too gone, too mean, too sad, too angry, too bad, too unloveable to not be loved. If we ever wonder if we are good enough, if we ever consider we are not, perhaps we have strayed from our true selfContinue reading “No one is outside of love”


I invite you to wonder. Wonder about who the person over there is. Wonder about where they come from. Wonder about what their living room is like. Wonder about what they eat for dinner? Wonder about what sacrifices they have had to make. Wonder about their dreams. Wonder about what their favorite flower is andContinue reading “WONDER”

Inspiration from Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was such an incredible orator and a wise speech writer. His words and being moved people toward justice, love, and equality. I want to choose a quote from him today to reflect on and write to. We could do this with any of his quotes and can and should listenContinue reading “Inspiration from Dr. King”

Watching miles…

Tha pandemic is still going, though we see a glimmer of hope in the future. The U.S. government political situation is unstable at best. The new year has come and now we are in 2021, but there are miles to go yet. Even if we see the finish line, this is a marathon and thereContinue reading “Watching miles…”

Life affirming or life limiting?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 is here! We hope for a better year, a year with fewer deaths from a horrible virus, a year where we can hopefully come together and actually physically be together more, a year where we have compassion and continue to do our best to support each other. Thinking that we areContinue reading “Life affirming or life limiting?”


F.O.M.O. is the fear of missing out. Right now in these pandemic times, we may have a bit of F.O.M.O., though we know there’s not much happening, so it might be more of a missing of what was. How normal. We have had the rug pulled from under us with this pandemic. None of usContinue reading “J.O.M.O.”