Loving Yourself

Most everyone has problems loving themselves some days. Learning to love ourselves can make life much easier and better. Problems arise and life happens, but if we love ourselves, the more difficult moments are easier to deal with. Loving yourself affects your emotional wellbeing, your mental health, your physical health, general everyday functioning, as wellContinue reading “Loving Yourself”


Today, I invite you to write a poem about justice. We all have an idea of what justice looks like and understanding our thoughts and feelings about it can be helpful to our mental emotional health because it is a large theme we encounter on a personal and also a societal level. What you writeContinue reading “Justice”

Life affirming or life limiting?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 is here! We hope for a better year, a year with fewer deaths from a horrible virus, a year where we can hopefully come together and actually physically be together more, a year where we have compassion and continue to do our best to support each other. Thinking that we areContinue reading “Life affirming or life limiting?”


The word intention is a buzz word lately. It may just be the universe speaking to me, but the word and concept of intentionality has been hovering around me. Set your intention. What’s your intention? Know your intention. Today, I want to encourage you to write about your intention for your goals, for your dreams,Continue reading “Intention”

Winter Nesting- Cozy Style

Thanksgiving is over. Winter holidays are coming soon. The air is chillier. Winter is the perfect time to be cozying up into our nests for warmth, for self-care, for love of the self. Many people start to get depressed in winter as the temperatures drop, as we are inside more, and this winter, as CovidContinue reading “Winter Nesting- Cozy Style”

When your inner voice is mean to you

What do we do if our inner voice is mean to us? What do we do when our own self is being mean to us? We need to change that up- and quick! We all have an inner voice. It hangs out with us to varying degrees throughout our lives. This voice is directly tiedContinue reading “When your inner voice is mean to you”

Life Source- Breath

Hello, my name is Gina Marselle. It is an honor to share a prompt with you all today on Write Your Butterfly. My sincere thanks to Liza Wolff-Francis for the invite to share. I love to write, in particular, I love to write poetry. I have lots of roles in this life as wife, mom, educator, andContinue reading “Life Source- Breath”

Being in the Natural World

The most amazing thing about our natural world is its ability to calm us. Wherever we are outside, there is nature. It is all around us. Even in the city, we have the sky, a potted plant, a single tree, a park. The more nature there is around us, I would say, the more powerful.Continue reading “Being in the Natural World”

Tired of C-19

The pandemic just goes on and on, doesn’t it? I feel frustrated because it seems like if we had all isolated at the beginning, we would’t be dealing with this anymore. Sure, we have a better handle on it- maybe, but it seems like it could be gone. And yet, here we are, still inContinue reading “Tired of C-19”

Thumbs up, Like

These days it seems like we give a lot of thumbs up, whether it’s a blue “Like” on Facebook or we’re muted on Zoom trying to give our approval with our thumbs up to the camera. There is so much emotion to have right now and yet sometimes it can feel like it’s all meltedContinue reading “Thumbs up, Like”