One year ago

It’s so hard to believe we have been at this pandemic for a whole year. One whole year of a strange unsureness, of being in our homes more, of not seeing people without masks, of separate togetherness times on Zoom. It could seem strange to say good job for living through a difficult time whenContinue reading “One year ago”


I invite you to wonder. Wonder about who the person over there is. Wonder about where they come from. Wonder about what their living room is like. Wonder about what they eat for dinner? Wonder about what sacrifices they have had to make. Wonder about their dreams. Wonder about what their favorite flower is andContinue reading “WONDER”

Writing JOY

How do we write joy? How do you write yourself into joy? Into joyousness? I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Right now, there is so much written in our world that is negative. I don’t want to add to people’s lives with a big pile of negativity or sadness or joylessness. So,Continue reading “Writing JOY”

Life affirming or life limiting?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 is here! We hope for a better year, a year with fewer deaths from a horrible virus, a year where we can hopefully come together and actually physically be together more, a year where we have compassion and continue to do our best to support each other. Thinking that we areContinue reading “Life affirming or life limiting?”


The word intention is a buzz word lately. It may just be the universe speaking to me, but the word and concept of intentionality has been hovering around me. Set your intention. What’s your intention? Know your intention. Today, I want to encourage you to write about your intention for your goals, for your dreams,Continue reading “Intention”

Dreaming to Reconnect Us

Our capacity to dream can connect us and reconnect us to this world, to others, to ourselves. How? First let’s think about how we might disconnect. When people are affected by trauma, their nervous systems are put on high alert and they have difficulty being in the present or dreaming about good future things andContinue reading “Dreaming to Reconnect Us”

Winter Nesting- Cozy Style

Thanksgiving is over. Winter holidays are coming soon. The air is chillier. Winter is the perfect time to be cozying up into our nests for warmth, for self-care, for love of the self. Many people start to get depressed in winter as the temperatures drop, as we are inside more, and this winter, as CovidContinue reading “Winter Nesting- Cozy Style”

When You Hit a Wall

2020 has been infamous for testing us. How much can we handle as individual people? As a population? How much bandwidth do we have? How much can we take before we hit a wall? What is our capacity for handling or dealing with difficult things? And… What do we do when we hit a wall?Continue reading “When You Hit a Wall”

Alone NOT Lonely

In a moment in time when it seems other people are not safe, it’s hard to know how to be separate but not disconnected, alone but not lonely, physically distanced but not socially distanced. Where do you fit in all of this? What are you doing to take care of yourself with Covid safety andContinue reading “Alone NOT Lonely”

Tired of C-19

The pandemic just goes on and on, doesn’t it? I feel frustrated because it seems like if we had all isolated at the beginning, we would’t be dealing with this anymore. Sure, we have a better handle on it- maybe, but it seems like it could be gone. And yet, here we are, still inContinue reading “Tired of C-19”